Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett

Sailing in space on the back of four moon sized elephants, standing on the back of a massive star turtle exists the flat Discworld.  The brain child of English author Terry Pratchett.  His brand of wit, humor, fantasy and pathos is unrivaled in this long running set of novels for all ages.  I hesitate to say “series” because, while they all take place on the Discworld, they aren’t specifically connected except in a few instances.  The only consistent character throughout, is the personification of Death who is less scary than he is a civil servant.

This is the first book, which technically should be considered the first half of a novel with The Light Fantastic being the second half.

Mr. Pratchett’s characters are familiar, but, not familiar at the same time.  Wizards who are generally inept and could easily be analogous to modern day US Congress in their bungling, back stabbing and overall unwillingness to do anything that doesn’t continue to keep themselves in power and enriched….sorry, wasn’t intending a political rant, but, I think it fits.

Our hero, who’s an even more inept “wizzard” who cannot even spell the calling’s name properly.

Twoflower, a “four-eyed” tourist to the metropolitan city of Ankh-Morpork which is as much a character as the characters themselves and much maligned.

The bulk of the first novel is essentially a quest by the two main characters, forced to leave Ankh-Morpork and end up traveling the landscape getting into more danger almost as if drawn to it…despite every attempt by Rincewind to avoid it.

Mr. Pratchett at once honors and spoofs the fantasy genre…  the entire series is a must read whether you enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, humor or just plain fiction.

If you enjoy reading this, I suggest:

  • Any of the other 40+ novels by Terry Pratchett.

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