Riding The Storm – Sydney Croft

This is the first book of the ACRO (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives) series written under the pseudonym Sydney Croft (actually Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler) and is an incredible opener to the series.  The novel, unlike many collaborations, doesn’t have the “feel” of something written in collaboration.  The writing style is easily approachable and doesn’t throw the reader directly into or frankly even care about ACRO from the start, but builds upon the two main characters for the first few chapters and only after you get familiar and intrigued by the protagonists do you begin to slowly get introduced into this new and strange world.

Cajun Remy Begnaud, an ex-Navy SEAL comes home to his fathers cabin in the swamps of Louisiana as a hurricane approaches only to find the cabin occupied by a beautiful, barely dressed woman named Haley Holmes who convinces him that his father rented her the house for her meteorological research.  This is a bad time as we discover, it’s no so much that Remy is going to the cabin to escape the hurricane but because the hurricane is coming to him!  He’s a VERY special individual that in some ways controls and in most ways is controlled by storms and they’re related to his libido…the hornier he is, the more intense the storm.

Haley is indeed a meteorologist, well of the “para” kind…she’s actually the because of Remy…there have been reports at ACRO of his relationship to storms and she’s here to observe, protect and recruit for ACRO…any and every way she can.

This book has some of the most intense sex scenes I’ve read in many years….the characters are engaging and you immediately care what happens to them.

Only later in this and further books do I have issues…and it’s just my personal tastes, but, I really do not enjoy male-male sex scenes.  It’s not so off putting to put down in this entry in the series; however, it gets more to the center as the head of ACRO is primarily homosexual although he has sex with women as well, but, prefers men.

If you enjoy this, try:

  • Unleashing The Storm
  • Seduced By The Storm
  • Taming The Fire
  • Tempting The FIre
  • Taken By Fire





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