Sweet Silver Blues – Glen Cook

The first book in Glen Cook’s lesser known series of novels with P.I. Garret.  In a world where magic exists and demons and gods walk the earth along with humans and elven folks.  Garrett’s partner, The Dead man, who is of a very rare species called the Loghyr who was stabbed over four hundred years before…only their minds (yes plural) continue to function long after their bodies die and have incredible mental powers…he’s telepathic, telekinetic and, although he appears to greatly care for Garrett, is often stubborn and prefers for Garrett to figure things out for himself, although in the end he usually does provide significant help.

This and the others in the series are entertaining reads with hard-boiled detective work, humor, mystery and much of the fantastic.

If you enjoy this read:

  • Any of the other books in the Garrett P.I. series.

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