The Stand – Stephen King

Mr. King’s long career has had many successful novels, many of which have been turned into movies or mini-series (although in my honest opinion few of them worth watching).  This was my first foray into King’s volume of work (oddly enough my paperback copy has an added label that says “Soon to be a major motion picture by George Romero”, I wonder if it’s a collectors item since it never happened)…and my favorite by far over every other one of them.  It’s a massive epic spanning the inception of a planetary cataclysm, the travels through the ruins of what’s left of humanity with all of it’s proclivities and an eventual divide where the deviants, evil and just nasty dregs of humanity end up on the western side of the Rocky’s (go figure) and what’s left of the good of humanity on the eastern side.  There will be and is a war between good and evil with both sides suffering loss.

The book is engaging, creepy, prophetic and fascinating in the typical King minutia of detail. Interestingly enough, I’ve also read the “Uncut” version and found it less engaging and with so many unrelated and unnecessary plot lines that it just wasn’t a good read.


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