Weaveworld – Clive Barker

One of the more fascinating and complex novels in the horror/fantasy genre I’ve ever read.  Clive Barker, who’s known for his gruesome and bloody horror novels has written a massive volume that covers hidden worlds, ancient creatures, ancient evil and, well, gruesome horror.

The novel begins with a young man “falling” into a massive woven rug (i.e. Weaveworld) left after an old woman passes away, where the he discovers a world woven into the rug’s knots and threads.  This world is inhabited by a race of people, ancient, powerful and magic that are hiding and protecting themselves from an ancient evil that awaits the day they leave their hiding place.

Now, they must leave their hiding place as the magic that holds it together is beginning to weaken and the other reaches have begun to unravel and be lost.

In the first part of the book, the young man (Calhoon “Cal” Mooney) and the granddaughter (Suzanna Parish) of the woman who was protecting the rug must protect it from Immacolata (a member of the ancient race in the rug) who wants to destroy her kind for banishing her from the rug.

In the second portion of the book primarily takes place inside the rug itself and the internal struggles over whether to leave their hiding place or continue to hide.

The final section of the book again is outside the rug and revolves around the struggles of the weaveworld folk back in the real world and the ultimate battle with their ancient enemy.

The book has it’s strong points and it’s detractors…but, ultimately, it’s captivating despite some incredibly dark and somewhat disgusting and disconnected scenes.

If you enjoy this book, try:

  • Stephen King’s – The Stand
  • Neil Gaiman’s – Neverwhere
  • Neil Gaiman’s – American Gods

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