You Slay Me – Katie MacAlister

I was intrigued when I saw the cover and read the back cover.  It sounded interesting and the price was right, so I picked it up.  I finally read it while on vacation in Florida and it was a lot of fun to read.  An excellent mix of humor and romance and the paranormal.  The only complaint would be that it was so short a read as I finished the entire book the first couple of days and was hungry for more…fortunately by the time I read it there was a sequel and the local bookstore had it, oh joy!

The story centers around Aisling Grey, a professional courier delivery a package in Paris when she learns that she’s a Guardian, i.e. a keeper of the gates of hell.  She learns this from Drake Vireo, who stole the package from her.  The heat between them is undeniable and she soon learns that Drake is a dragon in human form, the head of one of the four types (septs) of dragons in the world.

I actually laughed out loud several times reading the book, which was enough to convince my wife to read it and now she’s read the entire series and re-reads them again ever year.

If you like this, try her other books in this series and others:

  • Fire Me Up
  • Light My Fire
  • Holy Smokes



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