Mortal Gods – Jonathan Fast

Jonathan Fast, a scholarly writer, published this earth-bound, space opera, sci-fi, mystery, sex romp.  It’s an oddly interesting story despite it’s strange mix and incredibly short length (153 pages) it somehow feels longer and covers a lot of ground very quickly.

The story is about a young man, Nick Harmon, who is in public relations for a genetic laboratory conglomerate on a planet that was founded when the Earth pornography business was forced to leave as they began genetically enhancing actors.  Over time, new genetically enhanced people enter the mainstream as video/movie idols and eventually treated as gods.  To extend their lives these beings have a genetic ability to enter a trans-dimensional to live in an alternate dimension where time doesn’t flow at the same rate.

Nick is assigned to escort a female, non-human emissary from another world who is looking for his company to alter her races genes so that they can hopefully cure a genetic plague ravaging her race.

This book has everything, sex with multiple partners, sex with aliens, genetic clones, genetic “gods”, murder, intrigue and even dinosaurs.

It isn’t pretentious, it isn’t high literature, it is however a fun read.

If you like this, try:

  • Stranger in a Strange Land – Robert A. Heinlein



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