Naked In Death – J. D. Robb

J. D. Robb is a pseudonym for author Nora Roberts at the behest of her publisher.  The story goes that her publisher couldn’t keep up and handle the advertising for her massive volume of output.  Known for her romance novels, under J. D. Robb she again writes a massive volume of work however, this time in a combination of Sci-Fi, Murder Mystery, Procedural, Romance.

Eve Dallas, a feisty no-nonsense police detective is involved in the investigation into the brutal murder of a legal prostitute who has been shot to death with an antique pistol in a time where only a select few can afford licensed weapons and even the police can only use non-lethal solutions.  Eve is a troubled woman, she doesn’t really remember much of her past and even her name is made up based on where she was found (i.e. Dallas).  She has fleeting nightmares of her possible past and keeps focusing on a recent case where, despite everything, a young girl is killed by her hopped up father.

To make matters worse, one of the few people who is licensed for the type of weapon used is the mysterious multi-billionare, Roarke.  He’s charming, debonaire and is known for the women he keeps.  Eve is initially convinced that he is the culprit, partially because so little is known about him and suspicion of his privileged wealth…but, then she begins to suspect that despite everything, he’s not her man….well, at least not for murder.

The story is complex, much more than I would have expected with bits of humor, drama and a well constructed mystery.

If you enjoy this:

  • Read any of the 40+ In Death series of books.



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