The Sex Gates – Darrell Bain, Jeanine Berry

Darrell Bain is a Texas based author living in a very rural area on a Christmas tree farm with his wife.  He’s written and/or co-written numerous books in eBook form as well as printed manuscripts some of which are fictional, and Sci-Fi, recounting of his medic experiences during the Vietnam war.

I’ve not been able to find much about Jeanine Berry other than she has written and published two fantasy novels which are currently out of print, at least that is what is mentioned on

This was one, if not the very first, eBook I ever purchased.  What intrigued me was that it was a Texas author and the scene is primarily set in the Houston are, my home…well, at the attractive nude females on the cover, of course.  At the time, it was one of the most purchased eBooks sold by FictionWise (later acquired by Barnes & Noble and then fully absorbed and closed).

What a story…arches begin appearing all over the world very mysteriously.  Some adventurous souls enter the arches and when they do the re-appear on the opposite side of the arch, except now they are nude, of the opposite sex, beautiful and completely clear of any medical or mental defects…..well, at least most of them re-appear.  Some people never re-emerge, so it’s a gamble, but to some a very worthwhile gamble particularly if they are critically ill or maimed even though the likelihood is greater of not re-emerging the worse the defect.

Having changed genders, the pioneers struggle understanding how to deal with their bodies, clothing, even balance.  Relationships are forever altered, and so is the world.  Countries want to control access to the gates, the “gaters” are treated with suspicion “Why did they make it through and others not?” and violence escalates.

I can only believe that it was necessary for this to be a collaboration between a male and female as I there are things that woman goes through that I as a man can only imagine and vice-verso.

This is only the first of the series of a trilogy of novels and a worthy introduction.

If you enjoy this, please read:

  • Masters of the Sex Gates
  • Worlds of the Sex Gates

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