We’ll Always Have Parrots – Donna Andrews

Donna Andrews is an American mystery writer and winner of numerous awards, and justly so.  This is the fifth of the Meg Langslow series of novels.  Meg is an talented, passionate, amateur blacksmith with a quirky family.   While her family are not central, they are very successful providing comic relief.

In this story, Meg and her fiance, Michael, are attending a fan convention for a fictional fantasy television series in which Michael is an actor, Porfiria: Queen of the Jungle.  Someone has killed the Queen B (short for bitch) who owns the rights and portrays the queen herself and the only witness is a talking parrot that has escaped one of the many cages of birds brought in by the convention organizers.  Cages which were opened by the monkeys which opened their own cages.  The hotel is overrun by wild animals, including a tiger.

The suspects are running rampant.  Could it be Michael’s agent?  The aging femme fatale that was fired by the Queen B?  The cast, which all hated her?  And who is this man who is this man that the organizers claim is the original author of the graphic novels from the 70’s that the series is based?

While the police investigate, the convention must go on.  Meg and a casual acquaintance have chosen to sell swords in the vendor area of the convention, but that doesn’t stop her from getting involved with the investigation…a decision that nearly cost her her life.

Donna Andrew’s novels are funny, bright and engaging.  The characters are interesting and quite believable in motivation.  The one thing that I really have an issue with is that the story did go on a bit.  Possibly because she thought that every character needed further expansion and there are LOT of characters in this story, but, it’s only a minor gripe.

If you enjoyed this:

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One thought on “We’ll Always Have Parrots – Donna Andrews

  1. karenspath

    I loved this book. I’m with you that it could have ended a little sooner, but it was still good. I’m going to have to look through your blog for other books to read.


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