Fantasy Lover (Dark Hunter #1) – Sherrilyn Kenyon

I like to include what I know about an author in my blog; however, I frankly don’t know much about Sherrilyn Kenyon. What little I’ve been able to find out is that she was born in Columbus, Georgia.  According to her website, she’s of mixed Cherokee lineage, has three sons, a husband, a sword collection and lots of pets.  That’s about it.  If others know more about her, I’d love to hear.

This was the first book in the Dark Hunter series and isn’t as connected as most of the others nor as well written.  The story centers around a Spartan soldier who is cursed to be a love slave to anyone who possess the book that he’s trapped in performing whatever sexual desire she wishes.  Sounds ideal, unless you’re the one who’s cursed. After over two thousand years, Julian of Macedon is summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander’s fantasies and for the first time the summoner sees him more than a sex slave and she alone dared to take him out of the bedroom into the world.  Is she the one that can finally break the curse and heal his wounded heart?

Even prolific and popular writers of several series of paranormal romance novels have to start somewhere…this is NOT a great novel.  It is funny, it is intriguing, it is entertaining; however, it is also either poorly written or poorly edited (I cannot decide which).  There are plot holes aplenty, even in a paranormal romance, which distract.  Not to mention, if this guy has been a sex slave for over two thousand years, conservatively assuming 2 women a year for 2000 years, that’s 4,000 women….experienced does NOT even begin to describe this individual, would a woman like Grace even be interested in such a “well traveled” man?  Anyway, despite it’s flaws, I did have fun reading it and it introduced me to her Dark Hunter mythos which does get quite a bit better.

If you enjoy this, try:

  • Night Pleasures
  • Dance With the Devil
  • Night Embrace
  • Kiss of the Night
  • Night Play
  • Seize the Night
  • Sins of the Night
  • Unleash the Night
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Devil May Cry
  • Acheron
  • One Silent Night
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • No Mercy
  • Retribution
  • Time Untime

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