Surrender – Kimberly Zant

Who is Kimberly Zant?  I’m assuming that this is a nom de plume since I can find no information about this individual, even their publisher only says that she enjoys the spicier side of life and a good erotic yarn…that’s it.  If any of my readers know or have a clue, I’d be interested in finding out.

I’ve read a couple of her books, and frankly, this is by far the best of what I’ve read.  Let me be clear, I personally have not interest in a ménage à trois, ménage à quatre or more so I was very skeptical of the story when I found it on Fictionwise (before they were bought by Barnes & Noble) and bought it because I had credits that were about to expire. I am happy to say that I was very surprised how enjoyable, if not implausible, the whole story was.

In an act of desperation to keep her children, Anna sells herself as a sex slave to a group of men for six weeks.  If she doesn’t come up with some very necessary funds quickly, her asshole of an ex husband is going to win the custody case against her.  She signs a contract that essentially gives these undisclosed and sight unseen men rights to do just about anything and everything they desire to her and with her, except kiss.  She believes she can close her eyes “and think of England”, get it over with, and no one would be the wiser and when it’s over she won’t have to see these men again and she would keep telling herself it was for the right reasons.

From the very beginning she’s subjected to things that she found to be distasteful and embarrassing, but, she also experiences something she didn’t expect….she’s actually excited and frankly, getting very hot…  But, she keeps asking herself, why her?  She’s not young, she’s not overly attractive, she’s slightly older than most of these men.  Why do these men look like they’re related?  They’re obviously rich, so, why do they need to hire someone for their pleasure?

Nothing is quite what it seems…these men are not callus as they first appear to be and generally take great care not to actually injure her either physically or emotionally.  Could she actually coming to like these men?  What happens when the six weeks are up, can she bear to loose them?

The sex scenes are well written and hot….I mean scorching, yet, not overly explicit and from a very personal point of view and are as much her reactions and feelings as they are about the sex.   The main fault is the very abrupt ending.  Throughout the story ebbs and wanes and reaches a climax in a single ending chapter….then just ends….no cuddling or anything  (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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