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The Sexphiles: Haunting Melody by Kimberly Zant

I still know next to nothing about Kimberly Zant… if anyone knows anything about her, I’d appreciate some feedback.  I like to know at least a little about the authors I read.

I frankly don’t know where I picked this eBook up at, possibly part of a collection or maybe from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or possibly years ago from Fictionwise.  I never got around to reading it until this week.

The story is an obvious erotic spoof of The X-Files with the main characters working for either the FBI (Florida Bureau of Investigations) or the PIA (Private Investigators Association), Dianne Skelley and Sly Mullien as they investigate strange cases.  In this case, they first meet and investigate and are assigned a case to investigate a old plantation style house that appears to be haunted.  The ghost rapes Dianne while she’s showering at the house the first night they stay to investigate…although frankly, she more enjoys it that is actually physically or emotionally injured.  Roles are reversed and Sly is the skeptic and Dianne is the one more inclined to believe. They are joined early on by Dianne’s identical sister, Dee who is an paranormal investigator.  Soon, Dee is also raped by the the ghost, although she is more “injured” by the ghost, although only emotionally as she was having an orgasm when she realizes it’s a ghost rather than Sly.

The story is really more of a short story than a novel at only around 125 pages and while Kimberly writes very well and has some of the most approachable, if unrealistic, sex scenes of any modern erotica, what she does lack is convincing closure in her stories.  Admittedly, this appears to be an intended recurring series of stories, the ending was, much like others I’ve read of hers, ends rather abruptly.  Never the less, it’s an enjoyable romp, if short.

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One Night with an Incubus – Folia Deux

I frankly have no idea who Folia Deux is…  I’m pretty much positive this is a pseudonym.  The only thing written that I can find is that “makes the most of her filthy mind” by writing….that’s basically it.  She has a blog that is interesting in and of itself.  Blog

I purchased this along with two other books as a bundle on Amazon for Christmas on the cheap and on a whim.  I have NOT regretted it.  The story is fast paced and essentially broken up in individual sex scenes and oh my, oh my, oh my, talk about keeping me warm during the winter nights.

The story is essentially about a succubus who, one night while out on the prowl, follows a man home and floats up to his window (yes, you read that correctly) and enters thinking she’s going to control him, have sex with him, and absorb all of his energy and thereby killing him; however, it turns out her “victim” is actually a powerful incubus which she discovers too late and while in the throws of ecstasy she realizes that which ever of the two of them has an orgasm first wins…not only their “game” but the looser really looses…their lifes.  In chapter 2, she wakes up to find they both climaxed at the same time thereby preventing either from loosing their lives…and so begins a increasingly dangerous dance between life and death.

Hot, hot, hot…by all means, read this, but definitely NOT for prudes.  Fast paced, fascinating and enjoyable.

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Surrender – Kimberly Zant

Who is Kimberly Zant?  I’m assuming that this is a nom de plume since I can find no information about this individual, even their publisher only says that she enjoys the spicier side of life and a good erotic yarn…that’s it.  If any of my readers know or have a clue, I’d be interested in finding out.

I’ve read a couple of her books, and frankly, this is by far the best of what I’ve read.  Let me be clear, I personally have not interest in a ménage à trois, ménage à quatre or more so I was very skeptical of the story when I found it on Fictionwise (before they were bought by Barnes & Noble) and bought it because I had credits that were about to expire. I am happy to say that I was very surprised how enjoyable, if not implausible, the whole story was.

In an act of desperation to keep her children, Anna sells herself as a sex slave to a group of men for six weeks.  If she doesn’t come up with some very necessary funds quickly, her asshole of an ex husband is going to win the custody case against her.  She signs a contract that essentially gives these undisclosed and sight unseen men rights to do just about anything and everything they desire to her and with her, except kiss.  She believes she can close her eyes “and think of England”, get it over with, and no one would be the wiser and when it’s over she won’t have to see these men again and she would keep telling herself it was for the right reasons.

From the very beginning she’s subjected to things that she found to be distasteful and embarrassing, but, she also experiences something she didn’t expect….she’s actually excited and frankly, getting very hot…  But, she keeps asking herself, why her?  She’s not young, she’s not overly attractive, she’s slightly older than most of these men.  Why do these men look like they’re related?  They’re obviously rich, so, why do they need to hire someone for their pleasure?

Nothing is quite what it seems…these men are not callus as they first appear to be and generally take great care not to actually injure her either physically or emotionally.  Could she actually coming to like these men?  What happens when the six weeks are up, can she bear to loose them?

The sex scenes are well written and hot….I mean scorching, yet, not overly explicit and from a very personal point of view and are as much her reactions and feelings as they are about the sex.   The main fault is the very abrupt ending.  Throughout the story ebbs and wanes and reaches a climax in a single ending chapter….then just ends….no cuddling or anything  (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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The Sex Gates – Darrell Bain, Jeanine Berry

Darrell Bain is a Texas based author living in a very rural area on a Christmas tree farm with his wife.  He’s written and/or co-written numerous books in eBook form as well as printed manuscripts some of which are fictional, and Sci-Fi, recounting of his medic experiences during the Vietnam war.

I’ve not been able to find much about Jeanine Berry other than she has written and published two fantasy novels which are currently out of print, at least that is what is mentioned on

This was one, if not the very first, eBook I ever purchased.  What intrigued me was that it was a Texas author and the scene is primarily set in the Houston are, my home…well, at the attractive nude females on the cover, of course.  At the time, it was one of the most purchased eBooks sold by FictionWise (later acquired by Barnes & Noble and then fully absorbed and closed).

What a story…arches begin appearing all over the world very mysteriously.  Some adventurous souls enter the arches and when they do the re-appear on the opposite side of the arch, except now they are nude, of the opposite sex, beautiful and completely clear of any medical or mental defects…..well, at least most of them re-appear.  Some people never re-emerge, so it’s a gamble, but to some a very worthwhile gamble particularly if they are critically ill or maimed even though the likelihood is greater of not re-emerging the worse the defect.

Having changed genders, the pioneers struggle understanding how to deal with their bodies, clothing, even balance.  Relationships are forever altered, and so is the world.  Countries want to control access to the gates, the “gaters” are treated with suspicion “Why did they make it through and others not?” and violence escalates.

I can only believe that it was necessary for this to be a collaboration between a male and female as I there are things that woman goes through that I as a man can only imagine and vice-verso.

This is only the first of the series of a trilogy of novels and a worthy introduction.

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Riding The Storm – Sydney Croft

This is the first book of the ACRO (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives) series written under the pseudonym Sydney Croft (actually Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler) and is an incredible opener to the series.  The novel, unlike many collaborations, doesn’t have the “feel” of something written in collaboration.  The writing style is easily approachable and doesn’t throw the reader directly into or frankly even care about ACRO from the start, but builds upon the two main characters for the first few chapters and only after you get familiar and intrigued by the protagonists do you begin to slowly get introduced into this new and strange world.

Cajun Remy Begnaud, an ex-Navy SEAL comes home to his fathers cabin in the swamps of Louisiana as a hurricane approaches only to find the cabin occupied by a beautiful, barely dressed woman named Haley Holmes who convinces him that his father rented her the house for her meteorological research.  This is a bad time as we discover, it’s no so much that Remy is going to the cabin to escape the hurricane but because the hurricane is coming to him!  He’s a VERY special individual that in some ways controls and in most ways is controlled by storms and they’re related to his libido…the hornier he is, the more intense the storm.

Haley is indeed a meteorologist, well of the “para” kind…she’s actually the because of Remy…there have been reports at ACRO of his relationship to storms and she’s here to observe, protect and recruit for ACRO…any and every way she can.

This book has some of the most intense sex scenes I’ve read in many years….the characters are engaging and you immediately care what happens to them.

Only later in this and further books do I have issues…and it’s just my personal tastes, but, I really do not enjoy male-male sex scenes.  It’s not so off putting to put down in this entry in the series; however, it gets more to the center as the head of ACRO is primarily homosexual although he has sex with women as well, but, prefers men.

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