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The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror – Christopher Moore

I know I’ve written about Christopher Moore before, so I won’t describe him much here other than to say that this story proves that he is one man with a fertile, wickedly funny and weird imagination.

I chose this book to write about merely because it’s getting so close to the Christmas season and frankly, I’ve been dying to do so.  This story has it all, Santa Claus (well someone dressed up as one), murder, betraying, Christmas angels, and zombies, what more could you ask for?

The angel Raziel, last seen in Moore’s “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal“, comes down to Pine Cove (a small coastal California town which is frequently a location in Moore’s novels) to grant one child a Christmas wish.  Raziel is not the sharpest tool in the celestial shed…and when he grants the wish of a small boy (who saw the local land developer dressed up as Santa killed and buried in a shallow grave on a Christmas tree farm a short distance from the town’s cemetery) to not let Santa be dead, he mistakenly resurrects not only “Santa” but all of the dead in the cemetery all of which reek mayhem and death and terror on the towns folk collecting for a Christmas gathering.  Will anyone survive?  Will anyone want to?

This is one of Moore’s funniest (and shortest) books to date and the first of Moore’s books to begin production into a film (although others have been discussed, options sold, etc..).  The films web site is claiming that principal photography is supposed to begin in 2013, they’re kind of running behind if they haven’t at least started.

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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal – Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore writes some of the most bizarre, deranged, and heart worming stories out there.  This was my introduction to his work and after reading his others it is not his best, but, it is still quite funny and entertaining…you may take religious offense to some of Moore’s humor, particularly if you forget that even in the Bible, Jesus was a man.

Lamb is about Biff, yes, Jesus Christ’s childhood pal.  He is resurrected in modern day by a cranky, inept angel at Jesus’ request to correct a wrong, the fact that Biff doesn’t have a book in the bible and is never mentioned.  The angel puts Biff up in a hotel room to recount his history with Jesus (Joshua by name).  There’s some history of Biff and Joshua as small children which is interesting, but, it really takes off finally when Biff and Jesus (Joshua) travel to the east in search of the three wise men who were present at Joshua’s birth.  Along the way, Joshua learns about being human, learning and adapting beliefs from other cultures and what it is to be human.

The story is funny, irreverent, touching and sacrilegious at every turn…sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.

It’s worth reading if you can get it cheap, but, if you really want entertaining, try just about any of his other books.  I’ll do a review of some of the others later.

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  • The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror



Archangel – Sharon Shinn

While browsing a book store before heading out for a business trip, my wife pointed me to this book.  I had never heard of Sharon Shinn and had never seen any reviews.  Frankly, I still don’t know why my wife was drawn to the book.  From the description, it’s not something I would normally read; however, I picked it up anyway and did indeed take it with me.

It was hard, so hard to put down.  It takes place on a planet that has seen better days.  Angels, not your typical angels in that they’re venial, conniving and all too human with the exception that they have wings are bigger and stronger and are the ruling class yet they are also servants in that they must answer the petitions from normal humans when weather becomes an issue.  The denizens of Samaria are not truly free to do what they want, they are dictated too as to whom they must wed and reproduce with.   Every year, angels and humans alike must gather on the plains for the “Gloria” else Jovah will destroy them all.

The Archangel elect, Gabriel, has been dictated that he must wed a mortal woman, Rachel who is reluctant and a complete pain in his….wings.

Rachel hates angels because of what the angels did to her family when she was younger.

Ultimately, they must sing as one at the Gloria, otherwise Jovah will bring down destruction on them all…so, she must suffer through the trials and tribulations with Gabriel whether she wants to or not, and if she falls in love along the way…well that’s just a bonus.

So, what is the deal with Samaria?  Why is it that the angels exist and why must they breed only with those they’re told to?  Some is explained in the first book, but, it does eventually play out in the subsequent books.

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